Is a site specialized in musical services and sheets music. At you can hire the specialized services of the aulos team to make private transcriptions or custom musical arrangements.

We are working very hard to bring back our catalog of scores.

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Musical transcription service

Have you ever wished to play your favourite songs as close as the artist did? Have you ever wanted to play the famous opera arias with orchestra but the orchestra score music was not available? Do you want to turn your music into paper for registration purposes or to play with your friends? can help you with that with the Transcription Service. The Aulos Team will give you all those solutions, converting the music as you hear into the sheet music of the instruments they belong to.

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Musical arrangements service

Aulos team knows how hard is it to find music that fits the necessities of today’s groups and orchestras. Leaders and conductors have often to cut and patch up sheets music in order to play their repertoire and sometimes must dust off the same music again and again. Aulos can easily transform the music you need in any format and draw out the maximum potential of the band and orchestra. Aulos can convert a rock or pop song into a string trio, a violin, a guitar band, a wind ensemble or a full orchestrated song!

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